2017 Johnson Scholarship Application

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2017 Johnson Inc. Scholarship Application
With a Johnson scholarship behind you, you have everything in front of you. Since 1998, the Johnson scholarship program has awarded over $1,000,000 in scholarships and academic grants to students across Canada. Through this scholarship, we aim to recognize and reward Canadian students with outstanding academic achievement and community/extracurricular involvement. 


To apply, you must be

  • a resident of a province or territory of Canada (other than Quebec);
  • completing high school in 2017; and,
  • commencing post-secondary education in the fall of 2017. 
You must also fall into one of the following categories
  • have a home or auto policy through Johnson;
  • be a member/employee of a Johnson recognized group*;
  • have a parent/guardian or grandparent who has a home or auto policy through Johnson;
  • have a parent/guardian or grandparent who is a member/employee of a Johnson recognized group*, and has a home or auto policy or group benefit plan through Johnson; 
  • have a parent/guardian or grandparent who is a member/employee of a Johnson recognized group*, but does not have a home or auto policy or group benefit plan through Johnson; or,
  • be a child/grandchild of a Johnson employee.
*A Johnson “recognized group” means an employer group, professional association, alumni association, union or other group that has an insurance program agreement currently in force with Johnson.


Please ensure that you submit all your application material by August 31, 2017.

Tips on the Application Process

  • You will be required to upload a scan of an official transcript from your final year of high school. Please ensure you have obtained this from your high school far enough in advance to allow you to upload it to your application on time.
  • You can make changes at any time by using the "Next" and "Back" buttons. Once your application is completed select the "submit" button on the final page.
  • On the bottom of the second page, there is an option to save and continue your application at a later time. This option is found at the very bottom of the page.


If you are looking for more information, feel free to visit our website.
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact

Loran Scholars Foundation
Cameron Revington, Program Officer
416-646-2120 or toll free 1-866-544-2673


By clicking next below you indicate your understanding that we are collecting and sharing personal information as part of the scholarship application process with the administrator of the scholarship, Loran Scholars Foundation, for the purposes of assessing the application and administering the scholarship program. You further acknowledge and consent to the collection, use, and/or disclosure of your personal information as set out herein, and if you are providing information of others in this application, you confirm that you are doing so with their consent. Please see our Privacy Policy located at https://www1.johnson.ca/protecting-your-privacy for our further commitment to your privacy. If you do not consent to our collection, uses, and/or disclosure of personal information as stated above, do not submit your personal information to us. Please note that in the event that you do not provide information as contemplated by the application, we will not be able to process your application.